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Graphicscove Referral Scheme

I’m setting up a referral scheme to show my appreciation to people who refer my services. Most of the awesome new projects I get to work on are because of referrals from great clients I’ve previously worked with. There is usually someone they know who could benefit from my expertise. I wanted a nice, simple way to say thank you to people who help me out, so I am informally offering a small gift in the form of a $50 (USD) Amazon Voucher to anyone who recommends my services (Check out what I do in the portfolio). Of course this referral scheme is completely informal but I’d like to specify a few short terms and conditions to avoid people taking advantage:

Referral scheme Terms & Conditions

One gift voucher per referral If you have multiple contacts you can receive more than one voucher but no more than one per referral. No referral codes There is no code needed for a referral, just ask the person who contacts me to mention you sent them. Or better yet, send an introductory email with them copied in. Vouchers will be given once an invoice has cleared Hopefully this doesn’t need to be explained. Vouchers are only offered for solid leads Sorry, vouchers will only be given to referrals that convert into paying clients therefore I can’t give vouchers if the introduction doesn’t go anywhere. Only project work will count If the referral starts a full project with me then vouchers are on their way! Unfortunately I can’t send anything for someone who only requires a couple of hours of tweaking or simple advice. Referrals cannot be backdated I’m sorry, but only referrals from 2017 and beyond count. Subject to change Finally, keep an eye out here if any of the terms or gift value changes. Any unusual circumstances will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If there are any grey areas, we will discuss them together.