It’s time for the 2018 update where I’ll discuss some things for the year and the current state of

The state of

Firstly it is unfortunate that I’ve had an issue with my (now previous) hosting provider. I was excited at the start of 2018 when just a few days in my hosting company suspended my account. The issue was my hosting had expired and to be fair I should have remembered. My hosting company, however, did not send any reminder emails which I usually look out for. Now I’ve never had any problems with them in the past and I’ve been a loyal customer with them for five years. It was only a few months ago that they were having a lot of downtime, and as stated in their terms and conditions they guarantee a 99% uptime. My actual uptime for the month was around 92% and I mentioned this to the host. They happily granted me a free month extra hosting and didn’t say a word. I thought that was great service, as any person would, however they cut all communication. As I mentioned, there were no renewal emails coming through and they anonymised all their support staff accounts so I couldn’t see who I was talking to. Long story short, after a quick back and forth between myself and their support team they refused to give me any of the files from my previous site, and if I wanted anything back I would have to pay for a years worth of hosting. So I cut my losses and moved on to a new, and hopefully better, hosting provider. Lessons learned; always have a backup, have another hosting provider in mind, use a calendar for important dates. If you’re reading this at the start of the year it will probably look very bare. If you’re reading this later in the year I hope the site is back up to its full potential. in 2018

I know I said this last year but I would like to utilise the blog a lot more. I’ll mainly focus on writing about the things I’m developing or anything I’ve learned. With the new site I’ve implemented a short list of the latest articles on the homepage. You will also now be able to see an archive of posts grouped by year. My key focuses, design, development and business will all have a category page dedicated to them to bring more of a focus to the posts depending on what you’re interested in. I’m always interested in new topics so if you think you have an idea for a blog post let me know and I’ll write about my thoughts on the subject.

Wrapping up the 2018 update

So that’s it for the 2018 update, perhaps I’ll do these yearly.