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After providing support on a couple of simple queries on the support forums, Tam Approached me with a new project. One of her websites, Mankind Unplugged, required a new theme to bring the site up to date. A few extra features were required that would help boost readership and user engagement.

The Brief

The site Mankind Unplugged needed a new design and Tam picked out a great theme she wanted to use. The theme almost fit her requirements perfectly however she had a few more ideas on what the site should be like. After discussing the amends to the template and the additional functionality required I set out to update the pre-purchased template with the new requirements. The template featured an online magazine feel which suited the articles of the site perfectly. The grid layout also provided the opportunity to make the articles more image-lead to increase user engagement.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Amend pre-purchased template
  • Review and suggest amends to the template
  • Change functionality to fit in with the requirements

The Solution

Mankind Unplugged is an online magazine focused on male topics however the articles are written from a girls point of view. It contains lots of advice covering a range of subjects such as entertainment, sports, travel and gadgets. The existing site already a lot of content which needed to work with the new theme. A fair amount of planning was required to make sure the transition to a new theme went a smoothly as possible.

Adding in the new features and functionality proved difficult at times due to the way the theme was coded. Best practices hadn’t always been followed which made the template difficult to work with. There were also a number of errors in the template to be fixed before anything could be added.

Mankind Unplugged new website