M&S Your School Uniform

Business Category – Clothing
Location – England, UK

This was a huge project I got to work on in my first year working at RHP. In addition to working on the concepts, wireframes and the implementation of the site there were hundreds of products which needed photography and Photoshop work for the initial batch of products that were going to be available at launch.

After the site launched requests came in for new product images to be created in batches as well as designs for promotional banners which I undertook regularly and uploaded to the site

The Brief

M&S wanted to launch a new site specifically for selling uniforms. Our job was to build and populate a new website for their new project and provide ongoing site amends.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Mocking up the original wireframes
  • Design implementation into an in-house ecommerce platform, non-responsive
  • Ongoing image creation for new products

The Solution

Here is the final design of the homepage implemented on the in-house ecommerce platform at RHP:


The homepage contains list of counties each linking through to display a list of schools within that county.

After selecting your school you can then select whether you are shopping for boy or girls school uniforms.

On the product list page for your school selection each product image had to be photo edited with the schools logo and colours.