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Spaceforge is a project I have been working on for the last few years in my spare time. It’s built with WordPress as the main site as well as 2moons for the actual game. Origionally the game was using the xnova redesigned framework, however 2moons offered a little more in the way of customisation and making the game unique.

The Brief

The entire project is something I wanted to work on in my spare time and have had the opportunity to create this site from original concepts all the way through the design and development process.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Concept, layout, design, development
  • Implement a responsive frontend into an existing backend open source project
  • Build and manage a PHP based game, forum and core website.

The Solution

Below you can see the temporary landing page created for the beta. The branding and style guide used to create this landing page are present throughout the site. All functionality including the main site, game and forum are all behind the login form. As this whole project is still in the beta phase some elements are broken. The forum is a really useful place for getting details about bugs that need fixing as well as seeing what features the users are looking forward to next.

Spaceforge - Online Browser Game

As this project is something I only get to work on in my spare time it is currently on hold until I get more time to put into it. More screenshots will follow as the project progresses.