Business Category – Estate & Events| Location – England, UK |

RHP were lucky enough to get the opportunity to undertake work on a new website build for Windsor Great Park, redesigning their existing site and moving it over to the CMS Umbraco. This update would allow them to easily manage the site pushing out news and information changes as the happen on the park. On this project I worked on converting the designs into working HTML with another frontend developer. All the components in the design were implemented as modules, allowing them to be used anywhere on the site. By introducing this reuse-ability it would be easy for the client to change the way pages displayed with little to no technical support.

The Brief

The site for Windsor Great Park was starting to look quite dated. This project allowed us to refresh the site design and add in more modular functionality. Key pieces of information such as news and events had to clearly stand out so any visitor would be up to date with the latest news.

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Create HTML/CSS modules from designs
  • Build into Umbraco
  • HTML, CSS, jQuery

The Solution

To create this monster project we first built the site as HTML/CSS completely standalone to the Umbraco CMS were were using. This allowed us to focus on each individual module and make quick updates if the client wasn’t happy with the design. Once everything was signed off the development team took the HTML and integrated it with the content being fed through Umbraco. We were then able to go through and tidy up any small issues where Umbraco didn’t play nice with the frontend to create a polished end result.


We also had to focus on providing an accessible website as a wide variety of people would be the target audience. While building the website we also had to keep in mind the responsive functionality. These days it should go without saying the site needs to be responsive, however there were a lot of custom javascript widgets that needed to scale gracefully. These all had to have special care and attention given to them in order to make the project a success.

This was a really fun project to work on and I loved the way the different modules came together to create such a great site.