Past work history & experience

My background starts with a BA (Hons) degree in graphic design at the University of West London. While studying on my 3 year course I created graphicscove and began to freelance both design and web based projects in my spare time, while juggling full time study. I have worked on a number of amazing projects as you can see in my portfolio and have loved every minute of it.

Work History

Kapang Digital – 2013
Junior Graphic Designer

My experience at Kapang Digital was short but I learned what it takes to be part of a design and web company during my time there. I solely managed a WordPress network of over 30 sites related to online media and video streaming for local news teams around the UK. Additional projects included banner designs to show as adverts across the network and smaller internal websites for expanding the business.

Key successes:

  • Single handily managed a Wordpress network of over 30 sites.
  • Investigated and actioned improvements across the network.

Metakinetic/RHP – 2013 – 2016
Graphic Designer/Frontend Developer

I joined an eCommerce agency in January 2013 called Metakinetic becoming a member of the design team and working on the design and build of their custom eCommerce platform, as well as a multitude of other design related tasks. Metakinetic was merged with another company and became Red Hot Penny (RHP) during the time I worked there. After the merger I was able to work with larger clients such as M&S, Facebook, Sandisk and Lowepro.

Key successes:

  • Promoted team collaboration across disciplines.
  • Managed a handful of projects across teams.
  • Liaised with clients to provide updates, review completed work and list next steps.
  • Core contributor in converting an in-house ecommerce platform into a fully responsive frontend.

Netmatter – 2016 – 2017
Frontend Developer

At Netmatter, I worked as part of the frontend development team where I got to work with Magento ecommerce sites and Wordpress. While there, I took and completed a number of courses to become proficient in the build and maintenance of Magento 2 sites.

Certificates achieved and courses completed:

  • Core Principles for Theming in Magento 2
  • Managing Your Magento 2 Store
  • Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development
  • Responsive Web Design in Magento 2

Rawnet – 2017 – 2020
UI Developer

Key successes:

  • Introduced pre-project Trello planning sessions for the production team. Breaking down large projects into manageable chunks and giving the team time to review action points and clarify requirements before starting build.
  • Introduced design reviews throughout projects to reduce bugs raised during QA and ensure a higher quality product.
  • Opened and maintained a line of communication between the UI and creative teams.
  • Contributed to a number of UI team improvements:
    • Gulp Setup files plugin
    • Additional KSS styleguide helpers
    • Gulp CSS Checker plugin
    • UI Trello Board for tracking any tasks which improve the teams tools and effectiveness.

Additional Experience

Freelance – 2009 – 2013

I began freelancing during my time at university, gaining skills in web design and coding and really learning the core of what I know today. Over the years I have built up a great client base of people I would consider friends and have had a great experience freelancing so far. It has also given me the opportunity to continue learning new skills outside the workplace that I can make use of whenever I can.

1st Slough Scouts

While not related to design or the web, scouting has been a part of my life for a long time. I joined at a young age in the beavers and when I moved up to scouts, I was quickly promoted to the rank of patrol leader and was picked to lead teams on multiple camping trips over long weekends. More recently, after 10 years of being away from scouting, I was invited back to train as a young leader to assist in leading the group.