An ecommerce website built for Lowepro UK. Lowepro are designers and manufacturers of camera bags.

Lowepro was a project I worked on a managed while working at Red Hot Penny. They approached us looking for an Ecommerce company to build sites for their UK, France and German sites to gain an online presence in Europe. The brief was to take the design of their US site built on Magento and integrate it into our in-house ecommerce platform. During the build I managed the build and content of the site across multiple teams in-house. I had to ensure all 3 sites were completed to a high standard and remained synchronised with each other as localised content was added.

The Lowepro sites all had a lot of functionality to copy from the US site. As their existing site was built on an incomparable system so everything needed was to be built from scratch in terms of functionality. All 3 sites also needed to be responsive and keep in line with the US site. During the project there was very little contact with the US team and their site had to be scoured every few days to make sure they hadn’t implemented something which they had not informed us about. This happened often so I documented each stage of the project with screenshots, file saves and dates.

  • Build the template from scratch using the US design
  • Constantly check the US site for any updates to keep on top of a moving target
  • Provide ongoing support to add additional banners and coded sections to the site

Here is the final design of the homepage implemented on the in-house ecommerce platform at RHP