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Generating Content - Recycle Your Best Content

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Reposting some of your best content will help expose your articles to new readers. Maybe this time they just happen to be in the right place at the right time and get a second chance to see your post. If you have been building up your following for a while you'll be able to target more readers than you had previously.

How should I recycle my content?

Change the way you recycle old content. Don't just hit the retweet button or copy and paste it to a new post. Try changing the wording around your link or try different hastags. You might pick up a slightly different audience which could work better for you, experiment!

Linking to relevant, archived posts from new posts can drive traffic to those older posts. In addition, those links will improve the SEO of the original post as well. You might want to consider replacing the old images with some fresh new ones. You may also want to remove the date from the post, since readers are less likely to share it if they see your post is too old.

Recycling content on social media

Quotes are short and valuable easy-to-apply tips that can be spread widely in the social community. With proper branding, posting quotes on Twitter would be an effective way to drive visitors to your target page. You can pull a quote out of an old blog post and link to it. Try to pick something short which summarises the blog post and gives the most meaning.

What if my content is data heavy?

Infographics are the perfect way to turn a data-heavy blog post into a highly shareable piece of visually attractive content. They’re also a great way to attract links and traffic. You can create your own infographics if you have some graphic design experience, but even if you’re not a graphic designer, there are tools available if you search online. Don’t forget to feature the infographic on your blog and, if possible, provide them with an embed code so people can easily share the infographic on their sites.

Combine multiple posts into an eBook

If you have specific expertise to share, then an eBook is the way to go. You can turn a series of blog posts into an ebook to make it easier for people to get all of the amazing content in the series in a single place. Similarly, you can go through your blog archives and look for articles that could be put together to create a cohesive eBook that teaches or explains a complete topic. eBooks are a great a great asset when it comes to list building. Consider giving them away for free in return for an email newsletter signup.

Recycling content on my site

Adding a 'top post' section to your blog is a technique used by many popular blogs to recycle popular older content on their website. They add their popular posts on the top of the page and link to it from different places. Instead of hoping that visitors scroll back to previous pages, help them out and put your popular posts on the front page, permanently.

Recycling content through a mailing list

If you have an established mailing list then at the end of the week or month, send out out emails to your prospects with a digest of previous posts published in said period. Recycle your content by putting them in a bundle and send them via email to your list of prospects.

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